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We don't just offer ideas, we bring you proven solutions that work in the public, private & non-profit arenas. Let us help you from analysis & design to implementation & sustainment. We work to help organizations transform.

Professional Development

From customer service excellence, employee engagement, leadership improvement, change management, innovation, team building & more. From keynotes to one-day events, to entire programs.

Instructional Design

Let us bring the training & development solutions to you. We'll work to bring our content or yours to a variety of instructional outputs. We develop curriculum for classroom, online learning, self-paced instruction and more.

It's as much about the journey, as it is about performance!

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Customer Experience

Customer service, while critical in and of itself, is not the entire solution. We emphasize the entire customer experience and its impact on your bottom line. Our compass for understanding customers provides thought leadership and insights you can't find elsewhere. Our approach to delivering the customer experience is centered on building those nets that create and sustain great customer loyalty over the long haul.

Employee Engagement

We see employees as important "internal" customers who are critical to the organization's success. Therefore, we create a customer-centric culture of accountability where clear expectations, developmental feedback, and making performance matter play a key role. From selection and on-boarding to reward & recognition, we focus on engaging employees. It's our formula for sustainably delivering a great customer experience.

Leadership Excellence

No organization is successful without leaders throughout the operation consistently drive the strategy. Leaders are the catalysts of behavior and are vital to building your customer service strategy. We study various leadership roles and approaches. We especially emphasize the role leaders play in delivering results and doing so by effectively working with others. We’ll emphasize the role leaders play in engaging others to accomplish the work.

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Excellence and You is a new online curriculum from World Class Benchmarking. Excellence and You focuses on our popular Chain of Excellence module, which is a focus on leadership development, employee engagement, and improved customer experiences.




Performance Journeys has helped transform federal, state, and local entities (six of the Top Ten Best Places to Work in Government) in taking them to new levels of performance. We bring 20+ years experience to the table.



Big or small, we have unique, yet practical ideas for improving your retail experience through your people, setting, processes & product. Find low/no-cost ways to truly improve revenues.



No time for fads or academic theory. Get real solutions for Health Care Reform, Managed Care, HCAHPS, Patient Satisfaction and much more. Get the best solutions for your operation.



We have had the privilege of associating with some of the biggest names in hospitality in bringing solutions to thousands of employees. We can do it for you, whether you're big or small.


Smart & Innovative solutions customized for you

performance journeys seeks to help professionals bridge the gap between conceptual business strategy & successful tactical implementation.

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