Excellence and You

We’re pleased to introduce Excellence and You, a new online curriculum from Performance Journeys. Excellence and You focuses on our popular Chain of Excellence module, which is a focus on leadership development, employee engagement, and improved customer experiences.

The Chain Reaction of Excellence.

For years we have visited organizations far and near. In addition to our books, we provided consulting, workshops, seminars and solutions. We’ve been really blessed with repeat business, but still, it always took a plane to get back to them. Many of them have asked whether there wasn’t something they could do to bring the experiences we offer back to them virtually.

Excellence and You is the answer to that challenge. Whether your one individual, or a massive organization, we now offer great tools in the topics organizations are hungriest for.

Each of these courses offer several modules with tools, ideas, examples and stories.

Our Excellence and You programming is adaptable to many organizations because we offer best-in-business ideas from a wide variety or organizations. Government, healthcare, universities and retail are big arenas of focus. But our World Class segment covers many other organizations from IT to hospitality to non-profit. And of course we offer terrific best-in-business ideas from Disney. All of these online segments in Excellence and You offer out-of-the-box ideas for your organization, no matter what business sector may be.

This wheel suggests the wide variety of examples and fields of interest available to learners.

There’s no better way to get a sense of all this then to simply jump in and explore! We offer a sampler for you to see just three of the modules we offer from our many courses. Beyond great stories, examples and tools, you’ll see an interactive experience with rich multimedia that immerses you in the learning. Check it out!

Simply register online, and we’ll send you a link along with a password for learning more. If you want to know more about how to subscribe and implement these tools, please contact us! Let us know your needs–we even offer customized learning and development. We’ll help you in taking your organization to the next level! Come experience Excellence and You!


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