We get you. You were hired to figure out the next speaker for an upcoming conference. You don’t want to just check off the box. You really want something that really stands out–a compelling experience, not just a booked event. Good news, we offer something world-class. This is what that looks like:

1. We Offer Real Thought Leadership

We’ve personally published books offering compelling ideas around performance excellence. We’ve worked in the trench helping organizations succeed, and not just going on the road presenting training programs. We don’t just do “feel good” programs. We do compelling experiences with tangible, practical solutions that will make people feel good moving forward.

2. We Bring You The Best of the Best

Imagine for a moment that you could have someone from Google, Mayo Clinic, USAA, Nordstroms & Disney all speak at your conference? Well, that’s what we bring, because we’ve worked with these organizations either in the trench, or in showcasing our World Class Benchmarking programs. So we have those insights, and we can bring those to your client.

3. We’re Easy to Work With

We bring flexibility. We have never had to cancel a speaking engagement at the last minute, but heaven forbid–it might happen. We are available to cover each other. And we’re not sending you some “trainer” to come speak. Your client will hear from the founders, partners, and executives of World Class Benchmarking. 

Create A Program Like No Other

Beyond keynotes, half-day and full-day sessions, we offer our unique World Class Benchmarking program. Let us help you create a unique learning experience as your participants visit the best-of-the-best and see performance in action. We’ve done programs far and near–from Atlanta to Dallas to Los Angeles; From Singapore to Shanghai and Paris; and even from our home town Orlando. Let’s chat, and see if we can’t help you create a compelling experience for your client.