We take training from analysis and design through complete turnkey programming whether for the classroom, finished media, online learning, or a combination. Our expertise allows us to provide technical and/or soft skill training no matter what the subject matter.

Our training and development process encompasses five phases:

Plan It!

The Plan It! Phase essentially encompasses two main elements, which proceed on parallel tracks

Needs Assessment. This includes a training needs assessment and training plan, which essentially answers the following basic questions about the program: Why? Who? What? When? Where? How?

Macro Project Plan. Is a high-level outline which serves to project timeline forecasts, budget, role maps, etc. All of this serves to roll up into our project agreement.

Design It!

The Design It! Phase provides answers the questions up front to ensure that training is relevant, interactive, engaging, polished, and supported. It too encompasses two main elements:

Instructional Design Plan. Outputs for this document includes instructional objectives, a content outline, instructional methodologies/strategies, and most importantly, the design of how the program will be evaluated.

Micro Project Plan. The Macro Project Plan is updated and revealing a more detailed timeline, work plan, logistics plan, etc.

Build It!

However the product is to be built, we do so in this phase. Only our approach is one of Ready! Fire! Aim! This means we will do some initial pilot testing before going down too far on locking down the final materials.

During this phase we will create facilitator guides, workbooks, media, materials, power point, and so on. Only again, we approach a Ready! Fire! Aim effort of testing basic components before finalizing materials.

Deliver It!

With classroom learning, this phase begins with the Training of Trainers (TOT), which prepares trainers to conduct the training sessions. The TOT incorporates course content and presentation/facilitation techniques. During this session, trainers receive the Trainer Toolkit, which outlines important information about course delivery.

We also focus on logistical needs here. These needs include confirming course arrangements, providing continued course registration, and logistics coordination in the classroom during training sessions.

From there trainers present the program to its intended audience. And beyond that, a training maintenance plan is implemented.

Similar steps are taken with online materials to ensure a timely flow of materials as well as ongoing online maintenance.

Assess It!

Our approach is to create programming with no surprises! This is because we pay attention to assessment issues up front in the Design It! phase. And we continue to pay attention to those issues as we go through the Build It! phase. Thus, the assessment phase here is simply an opportunity to verify and document those findings in a formal manner.

Contact us about your instructional design needs. Our competitive pricing varies depending on the finished product.