Our executive experience with Fortune 100 companies and large-scale transformation initiatives has led us to the following recommendations for senior leaders in the C-Suite:

1. Lead “On Purpose”

Yes, you have overwhelming priorities screaming for your attention. It’s easy to get lost in budgets, timelines and putting out fires. But your best strategic value is to maintain cultural focus and get everyone on board to build organizational leadership, engage your work force, and create a compelling customer brand. Focused action is where real results happen. Cultural integrity creates operational alignment and organizational strength. Done well, this inspires the workforce to row while you steer – and that’s a game-changer for your schedule and your company’s future.

2. Soft Wiring, Not Hard Wiring

For most executives, there’s a strong tendency to spark change by reorganizing, implementing a new program, changing out management or rolling out some “Program of the Month” initiative. This is referred to as “hard wiring”, and while there is a time and place for that, we seldom see substantive progress from it alone. Rather, let us help you affect truly sustainable change by “soft wiring” your organization – engaging your employees in building a customer-centric, fully-engaged, innovative culture of excellence. 

3. Get the Monkey Off Your Back

This isn’t about you making the organization succeed. It’s about you engaging others in a systematic, self-generating way to improve any facet of your operation that matters most. That’s why we don’t define “leaders” as “managers” but rather as those whose influence moves the organization forward – regardless of whether they have direct reports or not. Your ability to build that “throughout the company” leadership is at the heart of what you do, not figuring out solutions to all the operational problems. Involving others in meaningful ways is the only thing that creates buy-in, ownership, and passion in them. Get the monkey off your back, and let others (gladly) share in the challenge of moving your organization forward.

If these messages resonate with you, then we are the right-fit experts for you and your team. Our extensive real-world experience across a wide variety of organizations implementing comprehensive, fully-integrated results can make a difference for your situation. 

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