• Is 20% of your organization doing 80% of the work? Do managers struggle holding others accountable for attaining results?
  • Do employees see opportunities to develop, grow and progress within the organization?
  • Are employees truly engaged in what they do, or are they simply going through the motions?
  • Is the common enemy that brings you together as a team the very people you must work with to get the job done?
  • Are you struggling to bring people together who are never around
  • Are you perplexed trying to fill the weak gaps in your group?
  • Do you accomplish projects, but find yourself drained by key individuals you had to work with?
  • Are you selecting the best-of-the-best candidates for employment with your organization?
  • Are you intentional in orienting and on boarding your employees?
  • Do you have a culture where feedback is welcome and solicited at every level of the organization?
  • When you recognize your employees, is it aligned to the results you are trying to achieve?
  • Do you foster a culture where employees are invited to think critically?
  • Do employees have the tools and resources to be successful?


  • Implement the best practices great organizations use recruit, interview, and select employees that come engaged
  • Create new approaches for successfully orienting and on boarding employees
  • Develop your people in new ways formally and informally
  • Approach delivering feedback in a formal/informal, 360 manner
  • Create a culture where critical thinking is celebrated
  • Build on the strengths of others
  • Collaborate by busting the silos that separate teams
  • Align your recognition systems with the results you are trying to achieve
  • Identify world-class ways to recognize employees in formal and informal ways


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