Would You Hire This Person In Your Business?

The Setting says much about the culture at Zappos.

In July of 2011, we were in Las Vegas hosting an Executive Session for SHRM. While there, we had a chance to visit and go behind the scenes with the Wynn Hotel, Whole Foods, and The Las Vegas Convention & Visitor’s Authority. All were terrific. It was a great experience! They were all terrific hosts.

While there we also visited Zappos. We had hoped they would be part of our tour, but unfortunately, they don’t do tours during the weekend, which is when we were visiting. Still, we had a great experience visiting with them afterwards. If you are in Las Vegas–visit Zappos!

There was much to share on the tour, but one of the great things discussed was their customer surveys. They only ask three questions on the survey. Question 1 and 3 were fairly standard questions about satisfaction and so forth. But Question 2 really was a winner: Would you hire this person in your own business?

Such a question really encompasses so many things about the service experience with a particular employee. I like it–partly because I’ve never heard that question used before, but partly because it makes you really stop and think about the answer.

How about you? Do you have a unique question that you use when doing customer surveys? Or do you have a unique approach for doing customer surveys? Let us know.

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