What Collaboration Is and Is Not

Beyond the interpersonal behaviors of a single team is the need for organizations to work across multiple teams to accomplish their shared mission. Collaboration is defined as the act of working together with one or more teams to achieve a common goal. Yes, it’s similar to team dynamics, which places the success on several individuals … Read moreWhat Collaboration Is and Is Not

Leading Great Groups

Leading Great Groups

Question: Who painted the Sistine Chapel? Of course it was Michelangelo. But it was also a crew of 13. We rarely, if ever, hear about the crew of 13, yet Michelangelo would have never been able to accomplish this amazing feat without their assistance. Look at any number of successful organizations and you’ll see the … Read moreLeading Great Groups

Working With Multiple Supervisors

Many organizations have seven-day operations, and while their customers may visit only during operating hours, it still acts as a 24-hour operation in preparing for those customers. No one can be at work all the time. It’s necessary to have multiple supervisors within the same department. But with that arrangement comes several problems: Relationships. You … Read moreWorking With Multiple Supervisors