Leading Great Groups

Leading Great Groups

Question: Who painted the Sistine Chapel? Of course it was Michelangelo. But it was also a crew of 13. We rarely, if ever, hear about the crew of 13, yet Michelangelo would have never been able to accomplish this amazing feat without their assistance. Look at any number of successful organizations and you’ll see the … Read moreLeading Great Groups

Confronting Change

Confronting change can be a difficult experience. Simply defined, it is the process of going from one form to another. Those in organizations seeking to become more successful know that change happens. But it doesn’t always make it easy. That said, there are many factors that impact our day-to-day activity, and even the most well-laid … Read moreConfronting Change

New Book! Disney’s Hollywood Studios: From Show Biz to Your Biz

This newest book by J. Jeff Kober celebrates Disney’s Hollywood Studios, and the stories, tales, and lessons behind it! I am so very excited to announce my newest book, Disney’s Hollywood Studios: From Show Biz to Your Biz, published by Theme Park Press. I’m thrilled that it’s available in time for this week’s 25th silver anniversary of Disney’s … Read moreNew Book! Disney’s Hollywood Studios: From Show Biz to Your Biz

Celebrating the Influence of Stephen R. Covey

I remember seeing Stephen R. Covey for the first time. It was in the atrium of the newly opened Tanner building at Brigham Young University. I was an undergraduate in search of more than a degree–I was looking for a future career. This was a couple of years before Covey’s infamous Seven Habits of Highly … Read moreCelebrating the Influence of Stephen R. Covey

Insights on Disney’s Bob Iger

You absolutely must read Harvard Business Review’s interview of Bob Iger by Adi Ignatius. At least, you ought to listen to the audio interview. Bob talks about the challenges in becoming CEO. He talks about his predecessor and his responsibility as second in command to be loyal to the one in charge. He also expresses respect to … Read moreInsights on Disney’s Bob Iger