Curiosity: Beyond Potato Peeling

Distinguished scientist Dr. Louis Agassiz once spoke of a woman who labored in a boarding house. Her job for 15 years was to skin potatoes and chop onions on the bottom step of the kitchen stairs, her feet resting on glazed brick. Upon complaining about her own limited circumstances, he invited her to explore the … Read moreCuriosity: Beyond Potato Peeling

Customer Advocacy: A Tale of Theme Parks

In a previous article, I spoke of customer advocacy in government. I spoke of different ways you could create greater advocacy. I also spoke about the need for feedback from customers. Allow me to further the case for why advocacy matters through a tale of several theme parks. Those living in DC for some time may … Read moreCustomer Advocacy: A Tale of Theme Parks

Customer Advocacy in Government

It’s difficult for most bureaucratic structures in government to think of serving constituents as customers, much less giving customer advocacy serious consideration. Customer advocacy is the effort to build support and momentum for the products and services you provide them. This should be important to government. If for only selfish reasons, it should be critical … Read moreCustomer Advocacy in Government

Has Your Brand & Culture Gone Down the Toilet?

We tell our clients there is a key place where you can learn quickly so much about your brand and culture–the restroom. The cleanliness of the restroom speaks volume about how employees think through the customer experience. It also sends a message about organizational pride. Granted, most restrooms in an office or retail setting are … Read moreHas Your Brand & Culture Gone Down the Toilet?

Defining Award, Reward, and Recognition

Accountability never succeeds without making work consequential. And part of making performance matter is in providing for reward, award, and recognition. For our purposes, we define these terms as follows: Reward: The benefits obtained as a result of an action taken or a job well performed. Such rewards can be both extrinsic (such as a … Read moreDefining Award, Reward, and Recognition

My Journey With Julie Goehring

For some time, I have wanted to write something that would be a celebration of my teacher and mentor, Julie Goehring Stephenson. In her passing this week, I am remiss that I did not write it sooner. But I will not let this weekend go by without doing so now. As a teacher, Miss Goehring brought … Read moreMy Journey With Julie Goehring

In The Loop

Editor’s Note: Over the months to come, we are providing posts dedicated to better improving the post secondary education experience. This post is authored by David Zanolla, who teaches at Western Illinois University, and who annually hosts students learning best in business practices at Walt Disney World. Over the course of my 12 year collegiate teaching career, … Read moreIn The Loop

The Trim Tab: By Small Means We Sail

When you think of an organization as a ship, it’s difficult to imagine the force required to direct such a vessel in the right direction, and then to keep her steady on its course. In truth, the whole ship goes forward with the help of a rudder. And on the edge of the rudder is … Read moreThe Trim Tab: By Small Means We Sail

With Real Performance Comes Real Failure

In a previous post, we spoke about being accountable. It takes courage for individuals and teams to take accountability in their own hands and to move forward in breath taking ways toward improving results. Often the hard wiring of the organizations has created a culture where people don’t want to “get their hands slapped” so … Read moreWith Real Performance Comes Real Failure

Soft Wiring For Accountability

We want excellence. We want people to be performing at their very best. But how do we get them there? There is a hard wiring way to hold employees accountable. That usually involves performance plans, annual reviews, and other mechanisms that seldom align themselves toward attaining real results. Most people tie a negative connotation/emotion to … Read moreSoft Wiring For Accountability