Mid Life Celebration

Mid Life Celebration

The logo for my company is this symbol:

Screen Shot 2011-11-16 at 8.53.21 AM

It represents three things:

1. Half of it represents a time piece. This represents performance. It’s about attaining results.

2. Half of it represents a compass. This represents having your values and priorities in order–being pointed in the right direction.

3. The color is gold. Gold occurs when you heat ore to an intense temperature, removing the dross until the metal is purely refined. Together with the other two, it comes to represent excellence.

Few people represent that more than my former Disney Institute colleague Jeff Noel. Jeff is simply one of those people most look at and say, “I wish I was like him.” He is humble and kind; patient and cheerful; but never relenting about being the very best he can be.

Jeff Noel
Jeff Noel

Jeff has written a new book entitled Mid Life Celebration: Rethink, Reprioritize, Recommit. Whereas having a midlife crisis is spending our life chasing our dreams, a mid-life celebration is a wake-up call to rediscover–and improve–what matters most.

Mid Life Celebration: Rethink, Reprioritize, Recommit--by Jeff Noel.
Mid Life Celebration: Rethink, Reprioritize, Recommit–by Jeff Noel.

I heartily recommend reading this book–even if you’re not somewhere in “mid-life”. It’s the next best thing to dragging Jeff along with you. It will offer some simple, inspiring ideas for anyone trying to figure out what matters most in life. And nobody does that better than Jeff.

More important, please order a paperback version from Amazon this weekend. Jeff is using the sales to raise awareness and donations for those suffering from Crohn’s disease. People with Crohn’s suffer many challenges, and are 20 times more likely to get colon cancer than others. Jeff’s own son deals with Crohn’s, and so buying a book allows Jeff to support those who are trying to make researching inroads on this disease.

A worthwhile cause in pursuit of helping two important causes–Crohn’s disease–and you! Buy it today!

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  1. Jeff, you have a special way with some many things in life. Lavishing thoughtful, generous, and kind praise is another in a long list of traits you possess. After leaving you a FB PM, I journeyed here.


    Peace and blessings immeasurable to you and everyone you love.

    Be well and remain amazed.

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