I’m Loving It! Behind the Scenes at McDonald’s Hamburger University

Ray Kroc’s office is showcased for guests visiting McDonald’s Hamburger University

Last year, McDonald’s Hamburger University celebrated its 50th anniversary. In 1961, the first Hamburger University met in a basement of a McDonald’s restaurant. Its first class of 15 students would graduate from this training center. Today, in a beautiful park-like setting in Oak Brook, IL and in locations worldwide, more than 5,000 restaurant managers, mid-managers and owner/operators graduate annually.

Today, Hamburger U is a 130,000-foot facility complete with auditoriums, teaching rooms, interactive team rooms, kitchen labs, and state-of-the-art service training labs. Beyond its campus in Chicago, Hamburger University’s Global Learning Approach allows training materials and tools to be integrated into different languages and cultures.

Kitchens at Hamburger University are completely like the ones in the field…
…with the exception of the drive in!

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