Ideas For Avoiding Burnout

Here are some ideas that were brainstormed last week in the Central Florida Community Partners Network meeting around how to keep your team from burning out. We especially focused on those who are quickly becoming “Team Zombies” and R.O.A.D. Warriors (Retired on Active Duty).

  1. Nudge them (influence) into being more team focused.
  2. Ask them what their strengths are and modify some of their tasks to align with their strengths.
  3. Find out about their career goals and how you can help them get there.
  4. Give them a specific task or problem to focus on and solve.
  5. Invite them to mentor newer, younger members of the team.
  6. Find out what is important to them, and make that part of your relationship.
  7. Recognize excellence in fun, upbeat ways, raising the bar for all.
  8. Invite crazy “out of the box” ideas at the staff meeting.
  9. Find some meaningful professional development opportunities.
  10. Provide honest, open feedback.
  11. Provide creative outlets for them to find new ways of breaking up the routine.
  12. Re-center them on their mission
  13. Use performance reviews and evaluations as a starting place to discuss behaviors.
  14. Recognize whenever possible, publicly and honestly.
  15. Provide an employee assistance program (particularly if the matter is around mental health, or personal problems).
  16. Lead by example.

Thanks to all who shared their ideas. Are we missing any? Let us know. Meanwhile, here’s to keeping a stress- and burnout-free workplace!

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