The best way to thrive in the midst of a disruption is to be the one to cause the disruption.  The second-best way is to be agile enough to anticipate and respond effectively to the change.

Being agile is not just a popular software development process.  Being agile in your workplace is all about optimizing your results.  If you are slow to adapt to changes in what your customer values or shifts in your industry (or in this case, the world economy), you become less relevant and vulnerable to these external forces.  Bottom line: Only agile businesses will thrive in these turbulent times.  And an agile business requires an agile workforce.

Let me share an example of how one Federal agency had to move beyond 911 when their New York City offices were completely shut down by the events of that day. Check it out.

Ask Yourself:

  • Does it seem to take too long to respond to shifts in your workplace?
  • Does your team respond quickly and effectively when something doesn’t work?
  • Are your customers ever frustrated by how long it takes to adjust their product/service?
  • Are your employees ever frustrated by how long it takes to adjust to their requests?
  • Are all your employees fully engaged in optimizing your organization’s potential?
  • Is your workforce fully anticipatory of changes in your customer needs? In your industry?
  • How does your workforce react to change – with excitement or anxiety?
  • Does your team have an established and effective process for pivoting efforts?

If your workplace isn’t energized by constantly changing circumstances, then they either don’t understand the value of the opportunity or they don’t have the process or tools to be confident of success.  World Class Benchmarking has worked with legendary organizations who have successfully modeled an agile culture for many years – and can share their “behind-the-scenes” tools to thriving in difficult times like these.

Leaders, here are topics that will pave your opportunity to create greater agility in your organization.

Change That Matters. Approach change as an opportunity to enhance your relevancy to your customers. We look on those change systems that create for that.

Nimble Decision Making. Align all decisions to core non-negotiables to reduce wasted time, effort, and resources. Say “Yes” to what matters most.

Agility Road Maps. Implement a proven process that maximizes agility to optimize your results. We step you through that path.

Engagement Recharged. Create a new engaging way for employees to work together and make a difference. Optimize engagement like never before.

Idea Mobilization. Develop valuable new ideas and services quickly – giving you a competitive edge. We offer an array of tools to help you do that.

Market Threat Analysis. Identify the threats early and lead the change to dominate your market. See new insights you haven’t seen before.

Pole Vault Your Future. Build “future-proof” processes that provide stability for quick, decisive action. We help you “take the leap.”

BONUS: We are certified Total SDI facilitator, offering strengths-based assessments; and also offers the Change Style Indicator in improving change effectiveness. Both assessments are ideal for fostering conversation around team dynamics.


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