Disney At Work: Magic Kingdom

Disney At Work: Magic Kingdom

Visit iTunes Today To See Behind the Magic of the Magic Kingdom!

Now learn the best-in-business insights employed by Disney in leadership, customer service, creativity and more! Using countless examples, and complete with hundreds of photos, Disney at Work: The Magic Kingdom showcases the remarkable efforts behind this park, that serve to create the magic. Here’s a taste of what lies within this exciting app:

  • From Walt to Roy and beyond, learn leadership stories of how Walt Disney World became the vacation destination of the world!
  • Journey down the rivers of adventure at the Jungle Cruise to see how the values of safety, courtesy, show, and efficiency combine to create the Guest experience.
  • Take a peek below Main Street, U.S.A. to see how the backstage experience supports the onstage show.
  • Explore the graveyard at the Haunted Mansion to find out how imagineers were “dying” to be recognized.
  • Venture to Cinderella’s courtyard to see ways Cast Members create special moments for its Guests.

Here are some images from is exciting new Notescast app!

Menus take you to the different lands of the Magic Kingdom, and from there to different attractions and locations.

This example talks about how the five senses are used in the shops of Main Street, U.S.A.

See a little known tribute to an Imagineer who had some important ideas about building on your strengths.

This location talks about how Disney separate the "onstage" experience for its guests from the "backstage" areas for its employees.

Visit iTunes Today To See Behind the Magic of the Magic Kingdom!









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