Be Our Guest. Be A Guest. Customer Service Implications

One of Disney’s most beloved films, Beauty and the Beasts, speaks to the topic of hosting others. Indeed, its signature song, “Be Our Guest,” is not only an anthem for great guest service at Walt Disney World, it’s now become a hugely popular restaurant. Guests are making reservations months ahead for formal dinner reservations, and … Read more

Being Proactive

A critical behavior for accomplishing a project is being proactive. Getting things done requires acting upon something rather than waiting to be acted upon. Being proactive yields high returns. Proactive people want to go the extra mile. They are usually more willing to develop themselves, more committed to the customer/complier, and are drivers of the … Read more

Working With Multiple Supervisors

Many organizations have seven-day operations, and while their customers may visit only during operating hours, it still acts as a 24-hour operation in preparing for those customers. No one can be at work all the time. It’s necessary to have multiple supervisors within the same department. But with that arrangement comes several problems: Relationships. You … Read more

When The Dust Settles–Delta Airlines Emerges

It’s a natural inclination with any organization to “hunker down” as the winds of a major economic turndown overwhelms everyone throughout the country. But World Class organizations manage to forge on in such a way that when the dust settles, they emerge ready to take advantage of the turnaround. Well the dust has settled, and … Read more

Save Money Outsourcing Call Center Jobs?–Not The Right Question

  In an article entitled Foreign Call Centers Phone Home, David Muir of ABC News notes that call center jobs are beginning to come back to the United States. After having some 600,000 jobs move out of the country in the 80s and 90s, employers are now asking whether you can really save that much … Read more

Remember the 10 & 5 Rule–Front & Back


Above is a banner found back of the house at a Hilton hotel. It offers a great reminder of a simple service basic: Within 10 feet–Greet with a smile and eye contact! Within 5 feet-Greet using an appropriate verbal greeting. It only takes 2 seconds to make a great first impression. And I may add, … Read more