Do You Provide Excellent “Crappy” Service?

“Service is not only a matter of being pleasant to customers—just as being a doctor is not only a matter of having a comforting bedside manner—but also of understanding the systems that make customer satisfaction possible.”  “Understanding how and why the whole system works is the fundamental expertise of service professionals.”  “Ideas at Work, “ … Read more

A Tale of Three Zoos: A Customer Service Case Study

I’ve posted an article that explores my experiences working in the trench with three different zoo organizations, Chicago Brookfield Zoo, Seattle Woodland Park Zoo, and the Houston Zoo. Even if you don’t operate a zoo, there are great messages about how to provide exemplary customer experiences while building a service-friendly culture. Take a look!

New Book: The Wonderful World of Customer Service at Disney

The Wonderful World of Customer Service at Disney is a celebration of great business practices that can be applied to your own service organization. See it from the eyes of J. Jeff Kober, who is the foremost thought leader in benchmarking practices at Disney. Whether you’re in the private or public sector, you’ll find solutions … Read more

Save Money Outsourcing Call Center Jobs?–Not The Right Question

In an article entitled Foreign Call Centers Phone Home, David Muir of ABC News notes that call center jobs are beginning to come back to the United States. After having some 600,000 jobs move out of the country in the 80s and 90s, employers are now asking whether you can really save that much money … Read more

Remember the 10 & 5 Rule–Front & Back

Above is a banner found back of the house at a Hilton hotel. It offers a great reminder of a simple service basic: Within 10 feet–Greet with a smile and eye contact! Within 5 feet-Greet using an appropriate verbal greeting. It only takes 2 seconds to make a great first impression. And I may add, … Read more

Finally Inside an In-and-Out Burger

I had visited In-and-Out Burger several times over the years–especially on trips to California. But I had always gone through the drive-through. Therefore, there was not much to judge of the experience other than product and price–which was always great. This summer I was in Utah and took my family inside an In-and-Out Burger restaurant … Read more

Caring Until The End

We took this picture when I was with The Disney Institute a number of years ago. Everything in the box actually belongs to my family, including the picture of my grandmother as a small child, and a quilt made by my other grandmother. We took the picture as part of a Disney Institute program entitled … Read more