Building Customer Loyalty

Ask yourself:

  • How do you establish customer loyalty like other successful brands?
  • How do you build a service-focused culture?
  • What kinds of systems do you need in order to provide strong consistent customer service?
  • How do you create “service heroes” in the most difficult of circumstances?
  • How do you handle angry customers?

We offer best-in-business ideas for helping your organization move to the next level. Here are the topics and modules we cover in our customer service/customer loyalty programs:

Making a Case for Customer Loyalty. What is the true value of customers who are loyal to the services and products you offer?

Linking Employee Loyalty to Customer Loyalty. Is there a link? Does it matter how you engage your employees?

Building the Foundations of a Great Service Culture. We look at how language, traditions, perspectives, and practices all tier up to creating a consistent and strong service culture.

Understanding the Customer. It’s critical that employees understand how to walk in the shoes of their customers to provide the most individualized, and exceptional service possible.

Defining a Service Vision. You’ll gain insight into the notion of having everyone pointed in the same direction when it comes to ultimately fulfilling the needs of customers.

Establishing Service Values. Great service cultures enjoy consistent results by establishing clear parameters for making customer service decisions.

Implementing Service Behaviors. Establish a set of across-the-board behaviors you expect in consistently delivering service excellence.

Individualizing Service. Learn two approaches for creating special, personalized service experiences, through planned and spontaneous efforts.

Winning Customer Compliance. Some customers are not customers but compliers–especially in the public sector. We offer R.U.L.E.S & Principles by which you can gain the support of others you serve.

Creating Service Nets. Few do service recovery well. Still fewer place enough attention on systems that will keep customers from having a bad experience in the first place.

Providing Service Recovery. What do you do when things don’t go according to plan? Mistakes happen, and you’ll learn strategies for providing that recovery on the front line.

Handling Angry Customers. You’ll master a process for helping frustrated customers in a way that can truly L.A.S.T.

Mapping the Service Experience. Learn how to differentiate yourself in the marketplace by creating a total service experience.

Instituting Customer Service Management. Learn affordable ways to engage employees in ongoing improvement processes in attaining extraordinary results.

Many of the topics come from our latest book, Lead With Your Customer: Transform Culture and Brand into World-Class Excellence, as well as The Wonderful World of Customer Service at Disney. Contact us today for more details.

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