Forget Moving Cheese…Move Some Ladders!

This week, I want to share an blog post written by Alex Berger. His post is a classified website that serves an intelligence agency. But he has willingly allowed me to re-share the post on this site. It’s a great story, with important messages. This is written in his words. Thanks Alex for sharing! “Several … Read moreForget Moving Cheese…Move Some Ladders!

Steps in Transforming Customer Service

In our many engagements, we meet people who embrace our thought leadership around what we refer to as The Chain Reaction of Excellence: Whether it’s a workshop, seminary or keynote–people want to know how they as a leader can take action to transform the customer experience. While there are many details to be attended to, … Read moreSteps in Transforming Customer Service

Vote Today! And Every Day!

In anticipation for this week’s major election, TED Radio Hour hosted a podcast called Democracy on Trial. Eric P. Liu, founder of Citizen University and former Deputy Assistant to President Clinton for Domestic Policy, was one of several people interviewed in this podcast. Eric presented some really important thoughts around the demos of democracy. Demos means people, … Read moreVote Today! And Every Day!

Intrapreneur Vs. Entrepreneur

Many organizations want to experience the benefits of an internal culture that is entrepreneurial in nature. What they really want is what many refer to as intrapreneurialism. When it comes to entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship, there are differences and similarities. For purposes of this blog post, I’m focusing not on the funding, capitalization, ownership issues, as … Read moreIntrapreneur Vs. Entrepreneur

What Is and Isn’t Entrepreneurship

Organizations talk more and more about creating a culture of entrepreneurship. I thought I would share my thoughts about what is and isn’t entrepreneurship–at least how I see it. Consider the following: This is more than just engaging people—and it’s far beyond employee satisfaction. But it does create those fruits. This is not about empowering … Read moreWhat Is and Isn’t Entrepreneurship

Curious George–as well as Margret and Hans

Anatomy of Curiosity

You’re probably familiar with this storybook character: Children for generations have loved the Curious George books and have treasured not only reading them in their childhood, but ultimately to their children and grandchildren. The stories open up adventures that allow children to explore–and ultimately develop their curiosity. We would do well to have more curiosity … Read moreCurious George–as well as Margret and Hans

Curiosity: Beyond Potato Peeling

Distinguished scientist Dr. Louis Agassiz once spoke of a woman who labored in a boarding house. Her job for 15 years was to skin potatoes and chop onions on the bottom step of the kitchen stairs, her feet resting on glazed brick. Upon complaining about her own limited circumstances, he invited her to explore the … Read moreCuriosity: Beyond Potato Peeling